29 CFR 1910.146: permit and non-permit required confined space entry.

This program trains employees and supervisors in

determining if you have a confined space

what are "Permit Required" and "Non-permit Required" confined spaces

the hazards of a confined space

protecting yourself from the specific hazards of the confined space

Attendant duties and responsibilities

Rescue procedures

In addition to taking this Confined Space Course, all employees must know their equipment (respirators, rescue devices, harnesses, etc.) and your company's Emergency Plan. Hands-on experience can only be done through actually doing it which is the responsibility of the employee and company before entering a confined space.

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Customized, Site-Specific Confined Space Programs are available. Your program will be unique to your company's needs.

DELIVERY ON-LINE: 10 working days of our receipt of your completed Site-Specific answers that will allow us to Customize your program. Let us know of your interest and you will receive an immediate response.

One time Site-Specific Set up Fee is $600.00.

Ste-Specific Training Fee is $35.00 per student.

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